About Us

clara olson

Clara Olson, owner, throughout her 50+ years in the salon business, Clara has employed more than 50 women as stylists and one male stylist. Clara believes that investing in her staff and their future will secure the deserved reputation for quality that Hair Profiles hair salon maintains. Having product knowledge, staying current on industry trends and regulations make the list of “must do” for everyone including herself. Continuing education helps the entire staff to build trust from the customers, learn the business, and elevate their work to a lifelong career.

Clara Olson has been a certified Look Good…Feel Better cosmetology volunteer for more than 20 years. The initial LGFB one-to-one consultation or demonstration is completely free of charge. Clara will customize the style and color of LGFB wigs to compliment each patient. These wigs are often returned to the LGFB program as a donation for future patients.


Lisa Henrichs, Hair Salon Manager

Experienced and certified electrologist for over 20 years. She has more than 25 years of experience. Hair coloring is one of Lisa's favorite things to do. It can have an impact on people's self esteem. There is nothing better than to see the smile on someones face when I complete their service.


carly yeats

Carley Yeats, Carley is the 3rd generation of cosmetologist at Hair Profiles Salon and Day Spa. Following in her grandma Clara and mother Lisa’s foot steps. She specializes in hair color and haircuts for the entire family. Carley is also the make up artist at Hair Profiles for weddings, prom, and other special events. Or maybe you would like to have a professional help teach you make up application.

hair salon group picture of sylists

Three generations ready to serve you. Our goal is to use our professional hair salon and design expertise to help you look and feel your best. All staff members at Hair Profiles hair salon are registered cosmetologists and professional members of the National Cosmetology Association. Pictured left to right: Carley Yeats, Clara Olson, Lisa Henrichs.

Our Story

The many terms to describe a professional who “does hair,” have varied down through the ages from coiffurist and hairdresser to beautician and hair stylist. The names of the businesses have gone from mere “beauty shops” to “hair styling salons” which include a wide array of other services besides “getting your hair done.”

Doing hair has been Clara Olson’s profession since she came to Alexandria in February 1969 and bought an existing beauty salon on Lake Darling, apartment named Darling Coiffures. It was in the lower level of her home and so her two daughters grew up in the business as well. They scampered about entertaining the clients and creating a welcome diversion from sometimes lengthy hair processes. The girls also remember when their mom had a salon in Staples and they traveled to that location with her.

The business was relocated into Alexandria in 1974 in the old Wheatom’s Building across from what is now Sixth Avenue Wine & Ale. Clara used three antique bedroom dressers as styling stations and employed two stylists.

Darling Coiffures moved again to their current location in 1977 and bought the building from Hegg Rife & Thornton law firm. In 2000, a business name change to Hair Profiles sought to re-brand the salon to a youngergeneration while maintaining the traditional customer base.

A fire in January 2004 left Clara with a ponderous decision to go for early retirement or rebuild. She opted for continuing progress and had the building gutted for a remake – a beauty makeover from the inside out.

Just 10 years later, the renovated business was up and running again in May 2004 with the forward-thinking promise of “Giving you a new reflection”for clients.

Clara’s daughter, Lisa Henrichs, had remained enchanted with the business she grew up in and became a cosmetologist like her mom. She also had picked up other design skills and headed up the remake of the “new business” with help from other staff members. Her efforts were like watching a parade of history as some of the clients when she was a small child were still coming to the shop every week. And now Lisa was taking care of them as customers in the salon. They got to see the transformation and admire how the next generation of business women “hair dressers” was growing and progressing. Now Lisa takes care of them since she joined thebusiness in 1994. Hair Profiles, with the 3rd generation of Carley joining the team in 2011 gives us the opportunity to serve all age groups of people.